S.D. bible ranch loses 90 horses in autumn blizzard

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RAPID CITY (AP) – A bible ranch north of Rapid City has lost dozens of horses in an early autumn blizzard that buried western South Dakota in snow two weeks ago.

The Meade County Times reports that the Reinhold family lost 90 horses, 25 of which were the cornerstone of the herd used for children to ride during summer camps.

”We’re praying that God will provide the finances and people to help us replace these horses,” said Larry Reinhold, owner and manager of the Rainbow Bible Ranch and the Lonetree Ranch.

Reinhold said the family heeded the warnings about the approaching blizzard and moved the horses to sheltered areas.

”Normally, they’ve always been OK in the breaks,” he said.

Reinhold’s 19-year-old daughter, Rachel, was among those who found the dead horses following the storm.

”It was pretty rough to look at,” she said. ”You know each one of them by name.”

The family said donations have been coming in to help replace the herd.