Watertown Saddle Club presents awards

Farm Forum

Watertown Saddle Club held their annual awards gathering at Derby Downs in Watertown.

The following members received awards.

PeeWee Classes

• Brielle Jenc: All Around Champion Award; Champion – Keyhole; Reserve Champion – Walk trot Horsemanship, Poles, Barrels.

• Josie Nold: Champion – Showmanship, Walk Trot Horsemanship; Reserve Champion – Keyhole.

• Austin McBride: Champion – Poles and Barrels.

Junior Classes

• Emily Nold: All Around Champion; Champion – Poles; Reserve Champion- Showmanship, English Equitation, Keyhole and Barrels.

• Callie Mueller: Champion – Showmanship, English Equitation, Trail and Stockseat.

• Samantha Jenc: Champion – Keyhole and Barrels; Reserve Champion – Stockseat.

• Mary Nold: Reserve Champion – Trail and Poles.

Senior Classes

• Kristen Erickson: All Around Champion; Champion – Showmanship, Trail, Stockseat, Reining, Keyhole, Poles, Barrels; Reserve Champion – English Equitation, English Pleasure, Western Riding.

• Mary Hanson: Champion – English Equitation (tie), English Pleasure, Western Riding; Reserve Champion – Senior Horse Pleasure.

• Liza Jenson: Champion – English Equitation (tie); Reserve Champion – Showmanship, Stockseat.

• Charlotte Bailly: Champion – Senior Horse Pleasure.

• Jean Hommel: Reserve Champion – Trail.

Novice Classes

• Brooke Lammle: All Around Champion; Champion – Showmanship.