2014 South Dakota State Cowboy Mounted Shoot results

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LENNOX, S.D. — The skies cleared, the weather cooled and the cowboys from three states came to the 2014 South Dakota State Cowboy Mounted Shoot at the Whitehead Arena, Sept. 6-7. Twenty-one men, ladies and a wrangler saddled up to rack up additional points on the road to the finals, working their trigger fingers and enjoying their well trained horses. The Dakota Territory Mounted Shooters offer sincere thanks to the added money and supper sponsors – the Lennox Pizza Ranch, Sioux Falls Cartridge World and Embroidme, and event sponsors from Lennox and the surrounding area.

Shooters are ranked according to Men’s (M) and Ladies (L) , Senior Levels (SM & SL) and class level from 1-5 depending on skills and wins. Taking home the prizes were: 1st L1-Shelley Henderson; 1st L2-Jean Peterson; 1st-M1-Todd Braun, 2nd-M1-John Krohmer, 3rd-M1-Clinton Olinger, 4th-M1-Marty Peterson, 5th-M1- Nick Soulek, 6th-M1-Shaun Teut; 1st-M2-Collin Borgmann, 2nd-M2-Joel Yandell, 1st-M5-Brett Borkowski, 1st-SL2 -Linda Salestrom, 1st-SL4-Kelli Shryock, 1st-SM1-Rock Boyd, 2nd-M1-Gene Whitehead, 1st – SM2-Paul Borgmann, 1st-SM3-Jerry Salestrom, 2nd-SM3-Gregory Wendell, 3rd-SM3-Tucker Ashley, 1st-SM4-Craig Shryock, 1st-WRL-Myra Whitehead.

In the shotgun and rifle events, where the competitor shoots the last five balloons with a long gun, winners were: Shotgun – 1st -Brett Borkowski and 2nd Tucker Ashley. Rifle – 1st Brett Borkowski and 2nd Rock Boyd.

Congratulations to all who participated in this event, and thanks to all who helped create, run, and sponsor the South Dakota State Cowboy Mounted Shoot.