2014 South Dakota State Fair cowboy mounted shooting results

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HURON — On August 29, 16 cowboys and cowgirls turned up at the South Dakota State Fair to compete in a CMSA sanctioned Cowboy Mounted Shoot in the North Arena hosted by the Dakota Territory Mounted Shooters and Dakota Running Irons. Drawing some of the best competitors in the state for some fast action, cowboy mounted shooting is one of the equine industry’s most exciting events. The only way to describe it would be “barrel racing on steroids” as the rider guides his horse through various patterns using .45 caliber six-shooters loaded with ‘blanks’ to burst balloons. Not only does this require skilled riding, but finger dexterity to re-cock the gun after each shot is fired – and having to change guns midway through the ride. The challenge is multiplied by a few riders who switch things up and attempt to shoot the last five balloons with either a shotgun or rifle. They definitely keep things exciting. The competitors are divided into levels depending on skill and event wins, as well as ladies, men and wranglers (kids under age 12 who carry unloaded or fake pistols, and only ‘engage’ the target as they perform the course). Prizes and cash payouts keep the cowboys coming back for more, and DTMS would like to thank Shuchards GMC, Double D Western Wear and the Fair for their support and sponsorship.

S.D. State Fair Champions were: LADIES ONE: Kari Feldhaus; MENS ONE: Clinton Olinger; MENS TWO: Collin Borgman; MENS FIVE: Brett Borkowski; SENIOR LADIES FOUR: Kelli Shryock; SENIOR MENS ONE: Steve Deneke; SENIOR MENS TWO: Paul Borgman; SENIOR MENS THREE: Tucker Ashley; SENIOR MENS FOUR: Craig Shryock; WRANGLER: Myra Whitehead. SHOTGUN WINNER: Unlimited: Brett Borkowski; Limited: Tucker Ashley.

Congratulations to all participants, and thank you to all for making this event possible.