Day County 4-H Horse Show results

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The Day County 4-H Horse Show was held on July 6, 2015, at the Day County Fairgrounds. The judge for this event was Kristen Gonsoir (Groton). The 4-Hers alongside their parents and volunteers made this event a great success.

1. Senior Western Showmanship

Jennifer Schlotte, 5th, Blue

Erika Herr, 4th, Blue

Brett Burgard, 1st, Purple, Grand Champion

Allison Duerre, 2nd, Purple, Reserve Champion

Nathan Duerre, Red

Connor Fischer, Red

Kate Helmer, 3rd, Purple

2. Junior Western Showmanship

Abby Richie, Red

Levi Leiseth – Roberts County, Red

Kennedy Johnson, Purple, Reserve Champion

Miranda Hanson, Purple, Grand Champion

Brianna Duerre, Blue

Lane Stern, Blue

Teagan Miller, Purple

Kayla Fischer, Blue

3. Beg Western Showmanship

Lauren Zubke, Purple, Reserve Champion

Emily Richie, Red

Holly Leiseth – Roberts County, Blue

Emily Hill, Purple, Grand Champion

Cassidy Nelson, Red

Sage Sippel, Red

4. Beg Pony Western Showmanship

Grady Hemmingson, Blue

5. Senior English Showmanship

Allison Duerre, Purple, Grand Champion

6. Junior English Showmanship

Brianna Duerre, Purple, Reserve Champion

Kennedy Johnson, Purple, Grand Champion

7. Senior Stock Seat Equitation

Brett Burgard, Purple

Allison Duerre, Red

8. Junior Stock Seat Equitation

Brianna Duerre, Red

Teagan Miller, Purple

Kennedy Johnson, Blue

Lane Stern, Blue

9. Beginner Stock Seat Equitation

Holly Leiseth – Roberts County, Blue

Cassidy Nelson, Blue

Lauren Zubke, Red

Emily Hill, Blue

10. Beg Pony Stock Seat Equitation

Grady Hemmingson, Blue

11. Junior Hunter Over Fences

Kennedy Johnson, Blue

12. Senior Reining

Kate Helmer, Purple

13. Senior Western Riding

Jennifer Schlotte, Red

Allison Duerre, Red

Brett Burgard, Blue

14. Junior Western Riding

Lane Stern, Red

Teagan Miller, White

Kennedy Johnson, Red

Brianna Duerre, White

Cassidy Nelson, White

15. Senior Trail

Brett Burgard, Purple

Kate Helmer, Blue

16. Junior Trail

Brianna Duerre, Red

Kennedy Johnson, Blue

17. Senior Barrel Racing

Erika Herr, 23.956, Purple

Jennifer Schlotte, 31.631, Blue

Allison Duerre, 32.762, Blue

Kate Helmer, 19.086, Purple

Connor Fischer, 27.242, Blue

Brett Burgard, 27.505, Blue

Nathan Duerre, No Time, White

18. Junior Barrel Racing

Abby Richie, 24.469, Purple

Kennedy Johnson, 23.557, Purple

Kayla Fischer, 88.146, Red

Levi Leiseth – Roberts County, 27.202, Blue

Miranda Hanson, 20.271, Purple

Lane Stern, 24.057, Purple

Holly Leiseth – Roberts County, 35.75, Blue

Emily Richie, 18.938, Purple

Sage Sippel, No Time, White

Cassidy Nelson, 51.992, Red

19. Beginner Flag Racing

Grady Hemmingson, 32.507, Blue

Sage Sippel, 13.97, Purple

Lauren Zubke, 30.288, Blue

Emily Hill, No Time, White

Cassidy Nelson, No Time, White

Holly Leiseth – Roberts County, 23.079, Purple

20. Senior Pole Bending

Allison Duerre, 49.004, Blue

Connor Fischer, 40.533, Blue

Nathan Duerre, No Time, White

Brett Burgard, 38.176, Blue

Jennifer Schlotte, No Time, White

Kate Helmer, 25.699, Purple

Erika Herr, 28.408, Purple

21. Junior Pole Bending

Miranda Hanson, 55.039, Blue

Kennedy Johnson, 31.737, Blue

Abby Richie, 25.33, Purple

Kayla Fischer, 91.719, Blue

Sage Sippel, No Time, White

Emily Richie, 24.082, Purple

Cassidy Nelson, 56.578, Blue

Holly Leiseth – Roberts County, 51.915, Blue

22. Senior Break Away Roping

Kate Helmer, 4.154, Purple

23. Junior Break Away Roping

Abby Richie, No Time, White

Kennedy Johnson, No Time, White

Miranda Hanson , No Time, White

Emily Richie, No Time, White

Sage Sippel, No Time, White

24. Senior Tie Down Calf Roping

Kate Helmer, 30.44, Purple