Brown County riders saddle up

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They whinnied. They trotted. They qualified for state.

The Brown County 4-H Horse Show took place on June 22, and more than two dozen competitors advanced to the next level, the state competition taking place July 18 through July 21 in Huron.

The program is about as popular as ever, said Becca Tullar, Brown County 4-H adviser. However, some children have aged out of the 4-H program and some younger students haven’t aged into it yet, leaving a gap this year.

“We have a lot of third-generation families that are starting over and starting to participate again, as well as some first-generation families,” she said. “We’re just caught in a tricky area this year.”

Those who participated in the Brown County show qualified to go to the state competition, and there were dozens of participants, so it was a fun day, Tullar said.

Of those participating was 9-year-old Emily Malsam. She and her two sisters, 14-year-old Grace and 17-year-old Megan, competed in different age brackets this year.

Emily’s favorite part of doing horse shows is getting to ride her horse, Winny. Emily said it is hard raising a horse, as they can sometimes be stubborn, but it’s also fun.

Speaking on why she wanted to participate in the horse show, she said, “I just got on her (Winny), and then I wanted to do it.”