Letter: Lock up your guns

Farm Forum

First: One thing that could be done to curb some of the gun violence is to have a federal law/state law passed requiring all gun owners to keep their guns securely lock up when they aren’t home. If they don’t and a criminal act is performed with their guns, then they should suffer the same conviction as the one that committed the crime.

• Second: The New York newspaper that printed the names and addresses of all the registered gun owners should be brought up on criminal charges. That was an invasion of privacy. Law enforcement has to have a warrant to search your house. I wonder how the employees of that newspaper would react to someone publishing all their names, addresses, phone numbers and gender of their children?

• Third: That blathering Brit Piers Morgan should remember that if the early colonists in America wouldn’t have been well-armed, we would be under British rule today, and if America wouldn’t have been a well-armed country during the Second World War, the Brits would be speaking German today.

• Fourth: If a total gun ban is ever passed, does anyone actually think that people (sheep) would timidly turn in their guns? The criminals surely won’t. If that ever came to be passed, people would just put their guns and ammo in a sealed container and bury them until such time as they may need them.

The problem we have with the media is that there are many news reporters that don’t understand the difference between guns or how they work. It is a real education listening to some of the ridiculous remarks that are made by some of the reporters on CNN.

You want to curb some of the gun violence? Lock up your guns.

James Jernberg