Marching Wolves: Make us proud

Farm Forum

In just 24 hours, Northern State University’s Marching Wolves will be part of the soundtrack of the celebration of President Barack Obama’s second inauguration.

We couldn’t be more proud of the Wolves.

One hundred and twelve students will don the maroon and gold and march a parade route about 1½ miles, from the Capitol to the White House.

It’s not the longest parade route, but every step for those students will help build an experience and memories that will last the rest of their lives.

This is one of those “someday we’ll tell our grandkids about this” moments.

The support that the Marching Wolves have received from this region has been worthy of applause, too. The news that the Wolves would march on Inauguration Day came on Dec. 18, just five weeks before the players take their positions on Pennsylvania Avenue.

That gave only a month to plan the arrangements and rehearse, go through security checks, arrange transportation and lodging and, most importantly, raise the funds to get the Wolves to Washington.

Through raffle ticket sales, donations and admission charges to watch the Wolves perform, area residents helped raise tens of thousands of dollars to help defray the cost of the inaugural experience, which will total more than $134,000.

And Monday will be a great day for young musicians in this area, too. Marching bands are in the business of supporting the work of others, such as football and basketball teams. These 112 students will now be in the spotlight, performing in their equivalent of the Super Bowl.

When they come back, they will be the returning stars, those who can tell younger kids about their experiences in music, and how their tuba or drum lessons helped them to see the country and be a part of history.

Good job Northern State, and good job Marching Wolves. We’ll be rooting for you on Monday.