Other voice: An inconvenient question

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Al Gore, the former vice president and clean-air advocate, and his co-investors have sold liberal cable channel Current TV to Al Jazeera, the network bankrolled by the emir of Qatar.

The sale exposes an apparent contradiction between Gore’s public stands and private moneymaking.

Gore was one of the early and prominent Washington officials to warn the nation about the dangers of global warming. His crusade to reduce greenhouse gases was turned into a 2006 documentary, ‘‘An Inconvenient Truth,’’ that grossed an estimated $50 million and won two Academy Awards.

Now with the sale of Current TV to a major source of carbon emissions, Gore is being called a hypocrite.

Wall Street Journal columnist L. Gordon Crovitz posed this sarcastic but legitimate question: ‘‘How much in carbon offsets does Mr. Gore need to balance his estimated $100 million from the sale to an oil sheik?”

— The Greenwood (Miss) Commonwealth