Letter: Time for America to clean up

Farm Forum

It is time to do something! Our jails are full of people — honest people? No, they broke the law. Criminals will obey no law.

Here is how I feel. Get the drugs off the street; insist the court is informed of their distribution; clean up the movies, TV shows, video games; get the violence out of them. Stop teaching violence.

By making more gun laws, all you do is make laws for honest people to obey (which they do already). Do you remember Hitler? I do. He marched people by the hundreds to death camps. Did they have guns? No, they were like cattle, sitting ducks you might say.

Just look at the pictures of the people that have been arrested for those major crimes. You can see on most of them are on drugs. Look at other countries’ suicide bombers and violence of all kinds. Let us hope it never happens here.

One last thing: This country needs to get its morals cleaned up. We sing “God Bless America,” our money has “In God We Trust” on it. Do you think God is going to bless America?

Charles W. Fulker