Our Voice: Is it the 49ers from San Francisco or South Dakota?

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With all the South Dakota connections, this year’s NFL championship game should be super fun.

Baltimore will play San Francisco at 5 p.m. Feb. 3 on CBS in New Orleans in the Super Bowl. When the camera pans to the 49ers sideline, keep your eyes open.

Wide open:

Former Northern State star quarterback Nate Breske of Webster is an assistant athletic trainer for San Francisco. Breske still puts that strong arm to use as he warms up some of the 49ers receivers before games.

Former Northern State star defensive lineman Mark Uyeyama is the head strength and conditioning coach for the 49ers. Uyeyama was always undersized as a defender in NSU’s conference, but he also was always the strongest guy on the Wolves’ roster.

Former South Dakota State assistant Brad Seely of Baltic is the special teams and assistant head coach for the 49ers.

And don’t forget to look above the field to the inside of the San Francisco front office box:

Former South Dakota State assistant and opponent of NSU as a Bemidji State football standout, Trent Baalke, is the general manager of the 49ers.

Baalke, who was the NFL executive of the year last season, has his fingerprints all over the 49ers success. In the 2011 draft, Baalke traded up to get quarterback Colin Kaepernick of Nevada.

Kaepernick is now tearing up the league.

So are the 49ers, who are getting serious help from South Dakota soil.