In Our Opinion: Best of teachers deserve our thanks

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We see it all around us.

You don’t have to look very hard or very long to see a teacher at your local school take that one step beyond. It seems in teaching, giving 110 percent is the norm.

Parents often see it happen first-hand. And their children often are the benefactors of that extra effort.

When it happens, parents say to themselves or each other that they should get that teacher a gift. But the best gift is the cheapest and most heartfelt — a simple thank you will do.

The best of teachers don’t want your money, candy or “World’s Best Teacher” coffee cups. A note of thanks will do.

You can’t say thank you to that special teacher or leader of an extra-curricular activity enough. Support your teacher — in the bad times as well as the good. And tell them thank you.

Over and over again.

If you do insist on taking out your wallet, talk to that teacher first. She or he will probably say, “No thank you, but if you want, our club or classroom really needs a . . .”

If money is to be spent, the best want all their students to benefit.

Some teachers are paid for leading extracurricular activities, but the best teachers spend so much time leading their students that the hourly pay would amount to pennies.

Some spend more than the job pays.

But there are many clubs that teachers volunteer to lead. The best of teachers know the most special thing they can give their students is the gift of time.

We all know how hard it is to give up our time. When it comes to giving, many of us would rather give money rather than:

Serve that Thanksgiving meal to the needy. Ring the Christmas bells outside the store for a couple of hours. Organize, run and help at the youth car wash fundraiser.

But giving their time comes naturally to the best of teachers. They often spend more of their free time helping your children than their own.

So it doesn’t seem like much of a job on our part to thank them.

Over and over again.

Thank you, teachers, for all that you do for us, our children and our world.

We can’t say it enough. Thank you.