In Our Opinion: City crews did a great job handling blizzard

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With a little snow comes a lot of complaints.

With a lot of snow . . . well, you can guess.

City officials took it on the chin this week in all the usual places — Twitter, Facebook and the reader comments — about snowplowing during the recent blizzard.

We saw some moaning that the plowing didn’t happen fast enough. Other complaints said the plows left snow at the ends of driveways.

Same complaints, different dates.

In fact, Wednesday afternoon, at the time of this writing, Aberdeen is in full swing. Schools are in session, streets are open and everyone is back to work.

Sure, the sunny skies have something to do with that. But business ran pretty much as usual on Tuesday, too, and that is thanks to the coordinated snow mitigation efforts of the city.

It’s not only snowplowing that makes a difference. Residents were warned to keep their cars off streets or risk being towed. One hundred and eighty five vehicles were towed on Monday, but that’s not even a record number.

Considering the significant blizzard that hit this area — more than a foot of snow, high winds, no visibility — it’s impressive how quickly Aberdeen was back up and running.

So add our voices to those praising the men and women who worked so hard to keep the streets safe and clean.