Letter: City streets no place for snowmobiles

Farm Forum

It’s Sunday afternoon, Feb. 10, and so far there have been at least five drag races between snowmobiles south on North Kline street in the last 30 minutes.

Let’s repeat the rules for riding snowmobiles in town during the winter. It is my understanding that if it is a medical emergency or the driver is on his/her way out of town or coming back into town they are allowed to ride them on city streets following the same rules of the road as bikes, motorcycles and motorized vehicles. No place have I heard that it’s OK to have drag races in town. Please someone correct me if I am wrong, because then this letter would be of another nature.

Come on people, I know it’s fun, we haven’t had snow like this for a couple of years and the ability to resist is hard. But the ability for public safety is more important than how fast you can go. The police have other things to do than wait on street corners to catch you, maybe even life and death matters. EMTs have more important things to do also.

Get your snowmobile off the street, onto a trailer and out of town into the country. Much more fun, much safer for us all.

Cathy Jacobson