Letter: Break sought from snowplows

Farm Forum

We have lived in Aberdeen for 33 years, and each year when it snows, we receive the brunt of the snowplows. We always have two plows go down our street, usually piling up two to three feet of snow while the other side of the street coming back down has one plow which leaves about one foot of snow.

My question is why can’t they turn the routes around every other year to give the people on our side of the street a break? I am retired and it is a real challenge to get that snow our of my driveway! We pay the same amount of taxes as the people across the street but spend twice as much time and labor (if we have to hire it done) to get plowed up. Just doesn’t seem quite fair. Maybe we could have the plows set up with gates like Sioux Falls did. In a town of retired people, it seems that something could be done about this problem.

The last time I had my driveway plowed, it cost me $50 and he spent most of his time doing the snow left by the plows.

Pati Koeniguer