FROM THE EDITOR: Help put sunshine on public records

Farm Forum

Access to public information is the theme of Sunshine Week, which this year is March 10-16.

It’s not only newspapers and TV shows that can take advantage of public information; that information belongs to all of us.

This year, the American News will again feature stories about open records and open government in South Dakota.

Because access to public records affects everyone, I’d like to hear your thoughts. What information do you want access to? What have been your experiences trying to get public information? What kinds of data would you like us to request for our stories?

Send your thoughts to me at or 605-622-2300.

Cracker Barrels

A reminder: The American News is again offering live video streaming of area Cracker Barrels on

That includes today’s 2 p.m. event at Redfield’s Chicago and Northwestern Train Depot, sponsored by the Redfield Area Chamber of Commerce. Legislators from districts 2 and 23 are invited to participate.

Saturday’s 10 a.m. legislative Cracker Barrel at Northern State University will also be livestreamed. For those who cannot attend that event, the newspaper will provide two avenues to participate:

Email your questions for lawmakers in advance to

Join the open chat on, which will allow users to discuss what they are hearing and ask questions that could be asked by the moderator during the Cracker Barrel.

Not all questions submitted by email or on the live chat will be asked, and the use of those questions will be at the discretion of the moderator.

Big snow thanks

I know our newspaper carriers are thankful for those who have cleared off their sidewalks, paths and steps. That keeps people safe, and gets your paper delivered that much quicker.

When the weather gets a little warmer and the snow melts, remember that it can turn to ice. Be sure to hit it with some ice melt to keep it from getting too slick.

At our house, we had to make an alternate path to the front door, just to have enough space to dump all the driveway snow! We’ve also been leaving the porch light on some nights, just to help that carrier navigate to the front screen door.

Every little bit helps. Thanks for your assistance.

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