LETTER: Something wrong with gas

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Do you feel like you are getting ripped off on gas in Aberdeen? Traveling in northwest Minnesota we found a grocery store that has Cenex coupons on the back of the store receipt.

Two Cenex stations in that town give you 8 cents a gallon off for cash. Traveling to Bismarck, we found a Cenex station on Highway 83. We filled up our vehicle and the station attendant told me that they give 5 cents off per gallon for cash payment.

What is the problem with the stations in Aberdeen? I know one that gives 3 cents off a gallon and another that gives you a card that they stamp each time you get gas. You have to buy a lot of gas before you get the entire card stamped and then you get $2 for the card. I would rather the stations in Aberdeen just give you 5 cents off per gallon when you pay cash.

James Jernberg