LETTER: Please return photos from stolen purse

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On Saturday, Feb. 16, I went shopping at Wal-Mart and when I had my merchandise in my car, I took my cart to the cart rack. When I was nearly out of town, I found that I had forgotten my purse in the cart. Yes, I am embarrassed but I am only human and have never done it before.

I looked for it and went in to the manager where it was not turned in. It is a green purse and I do not mind you taking the money. There is something in the purse that meant more to me. Pictures of my family. My children and grandchildren. Some that cannot be replaced. My camera was in there too. Keep the camera. I can replace it but please return the memory card. There are precious pictures on there that mean so much to me and some of those I planned on entering in an art show in April.

You have no idea how much they mean to me, but I am asking, no begging, you to please send me them. No questions asked. They are of no value to you but mean so much to me.

I have cried myself sick and I am hoping you find it in your heart to return them to me. I hope to get them very soon. Thanks so much.

Yvonne Helm