From the Editor: Editorial page makeover coming up

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Next week, your Viewpoints page will look different.

We are redesigning this page to look more like the rest of the newspaper, such as Community, Sports, Community Business, etc.

The change will be mostly cosmetic, though I do think it will help us to emphasize our best material on the page in a way the current editorial page doesn’t. For instance, if one of our local columnists has a piece of interest, it will float to the top of the page. We’ll have better opportunities to write stronger, more descriptive headlines.

If the editorial cartoon is particularly clever, it might play at the top. That editorial cartoon will be bigger, too.

Over the coming weeks and months, the plan is to add more local opinion to this page. That is what the newspaper is best at, and, time and time again, it’s what our readers have told us they want.

To pull off these changes, we will have to move some other features around. The Doonesbury comic strip will move to the comics page. That’s just a better fit than on Viewpoints, where we are trying to emphasize local columns, letters and opinions.

This means Doonesbury will be found in the Monday through Saturday comics page. Until now, the Saturday Doonesbury published on Sundays because we don’t have a Saturday Viewpoints page. We do not run color Doonesbury on Sundays.

We will also have a new home for the Today in History feature, and will likely look at where some of our advice columns best fit.

I’ll remind you of those changes again next week.

A couple of other recent changes: We have discontinued publishing the Monday Earth Week column. We have also switched vendors for our horoscopes, but you should be as lucky as usual.

Hello snowbirds

I will be heading to Phoenix in a couple of weeks, where I will take in some Cubs spring training action.

We have many snowbirds from the area who winter in Arizona. I would enjoy meeting up with those folks, to find out what they do in that area and learn more about a place that seems like “South South Dakota” for some.

If you or your family members will be in Phoenix, give me a call or email.

Follow @jjperry_AAN on Twitter, email or call 605-622-2300.