LETTER: Future of Melgaard?

Farm Forum

At the Jan. 21 City Council meeting, it was a pleasure to see the council starting to focus on the heavy truck traffic on Melgaard Road.

As a resident living on Melgaard, we see an increasing number of pickups with large cattle trailers, many semi cattle trucks and heavy equipment trucks using Melgaard as a highway. Now that the beef plant is open this heavy truck traffic will continue to increase unless some council action is taken to direct heavy truck traffic through the city on Highway 12.

I’m suggesting safety should be considered as the first priority for the traffic that exists on Melgaard Road. With all of the activities at our high school, plus the use of Melgaard Park by many little children and families, the Christian school, a day care center across from the park plus many new single-family homes, condos and apartments, some action needs to be taken. Also with the new addition of the HAPI homes development, additional traffic congestion win occur.

I’m also glad to see the city is doing a study for a communitywide Master Transportation Plan. What happened to the idea to begin the process of developing an east and west truck route on the south side of the city? Wouldn’t it make sense to designate the first-phase of a new truck route to include developing an upgraded road next to the beef plant. This could be the beginning of the long-range plan to implement a truck route on the south side of our community.

Mayor Mike Levsen brought up some very good questions in the paper about all the concerns and issues dealing with Melgaard Road. However, the city needs to take action on what is the short range and long range plan for Melgaard Road?

Viril C. Layton