Signed and delivered, Daugaard postcard appeals to businesses

Farm Forum

We have to hand it to Gov. Dennis Daugaard: He and his staff can be creative.

The governor is the star of a new postcard being sent to Minnesota business executives. Sitting at his desk, phone in one hand, pen in the other, the governor asks, “Tired of taxes? Call me.”

The ad is in response to several Minnesota initiatives that would increase taxes.

In contrast, the Daugaard ad touts South Dakota as a state with:

No corporate income tax. No personal income tax. No personal property tax. No business inventory tax. No inheritance tax.

This is all true and all enticing to executives looking for an edge.

Our governor knows he won’t catch any fish unless he puts in a line.

And after the voters’ rejection in November of the large projects development fund, South Dakota needed to get creative and try to catch the eyes of business owners.

Daugaard’s business strategy is sound: encourage businesses to start here, move here and grow here. Making that comparison against the records of other states could give us a leg up.

Of course, a commitment to education, tolerance and true safety is an appeal to workers once the businesses get here. It’s a total package, but one we trust Gov. Daugaard to tackle.