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As I sit down to write this, it sure is not a bright sunny day. But there is something about getting close to spring. The days get longer and it seems warmer even if the temperature does not say it. There is something about spring if you grow up on a farm that makes it special. I guess I really don’t know why but I never could wait for that first day back in the field. So I guess as soon as that snow started to melt, I wanted to get that machinery ready to go to the field. There is something about a new year, a new chance to grow a bigger and better crop than ever before. Or maybe it is just getting back in a tractor out in the field with all the peace of moving through a field and in some cases tilling the soil. I guess for me it was a new beginning with a lot of hope for a good year.

Well enough with the past now to the future. It is a stressful time and when it is wet even more. Now is the time to get all the last minute arrangements made. So you have all your fertilizer lined up and in place. It may be tight in season. Seed is it in, is it what you ordered, and is the seed size right for what you ordered. Also check that you have the right traits. Sometimes that ordering in the combine may sound good but did you miss something. It is a lot easier to trade seed now than when you are sitting in the field ready to plant.

Now one more time over the machinery. Are the safety features working? Are all the lights working properly including the safety lights? This could turn into a late spring so have everything ready to go and the stress level will stay a little lower. Always remember to think safety. We do not need any farm accidents this spring. It looks like a good profitable year ahead so enjoy as much as possible.