Why are lawmakers concerned with abortion?

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A March 3 letter to the American News regarding abortion statistics prompts this letter.

Fundamental extremists in the right to life movement seem to be more concerned about the preservation of an intrauterine conceptus than in the welfare of an unwanted, abandoned, beaten and hungry child.

They should all read “Sometimes God Has a Child’s Face,” by Sister Rose McGready (President Emerita of Covenant House, now deceased). Covenant House is a wonderful organization taking care of thousands of those unwanted. She assumed leadership after Father Bruce Ritter was removed for alleged sexual contact with those already abused. Isn’t it great how women, particularly nuns, take over to correct the errors of male leadership? Her booklet tells the story of those unwanted who suffer horrible abuse from parents, guardians and others, forcing these children to run away for their safety. They are really now alone, hungry, and their next meal may come by producing for a pimp or drug pusher.

Those in this movement have not walked in the shoes of a struggling mother who well knows that bringing another child into this world is not the best decision. How would they advise a mother and her pregnant 14-year-old daughter, pregnant by the stepfather?

We must all wonder why legislators are so concerned about a legal medical procedure and the reproductive rights of women. They continue to impede access to abortion and contraceptives. Do they find joy in making it more difficult to access proper medical care, particularly for those in poverty? Plump bishops living in mansions who feast on thick steaks and sip fine wines continue to exhort women in poverty to bear more children. Is this Christianity?

I will join the right to life movement when A. all children are wanted; B. all children are no longer homeless and C. all children are no longer hungry.

Leonard M. Linde