From the Editor: Winter wears out its welcome

Farm Forum

Oh come on!

The snow has been falling for hours this Sunday morning. The driveway has been cleared so my wife could get to work this afternoon. Now, just two hours later, the drive is covered again with heavy, wet snow.

Well, at least her work has been postponed.

South Dakotans are used to snow, but everyone I talk to has said, “enough is enough.”

There have been worse winters, for sure. There have been winters that have gone on longer. But this April snow, falling with such purpose on a lazy Sunday, may be the most annoying winter ever.

• The lasting image of Northern State University’s “spring” football game Saturday at Swisher Field was a tweet from sportswriter Ryan Deal of snow-covered seats and a game that looked like November.

• Did Northern consider calling an audible and renaming its second-semester musical, “Spring Awakening,” to something more appropriate?

• And on that note, shouldn’t the National Weather Service come up with a better handle to use in April than “winter weather advisory”? That’s adding insult to injury.

• The Polar Plunge on Sunday was postponed. That says something; I’m not sure what.

• I don’t have essential bread in the house, but we have milk. And a little bit of Twist Cone black raspberry twist.

• Saturday morning, I shoveled the driveway. By the afternoon, most of the pavement snow was melted and kids were out playing in T-shirts and light jackets.

And now its Sunday. Those kids are back in the house, probably wondering if Mother Nature will cancel summer, too.

As the flakes fall, I take another sip of coffee and think, for not the first or last time today, “Oh come on!”