Spring wheat

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I have grown wheat on and off for the last forty years and one thing I can say for sure is that you need to get it in as soon as possible in the spring. This does not say if the spring is delayed not to plant what it says plant it as soon as possible. All date of planting studies have looked at time and not in relationship to when spring starts. Why on a late year can we still plant May 1 and get a good yield. It has a lot to do with that our wheat has been developed locally for our types of conditions. More about that later.

Now a few tips as wheat gets planted late we need to increase the seeding rate because the wheat will not have very much time to tiller. Also if the soils are cold, a seed treatment should be considered, so we get the best stand we can and get it out or the ground as soon as possible.

One thing to look at if it is a late year plant is an early maturity variety to help ensure that you get the wheat mature before the hot days of August. If you are looking at the recommended early varieties they would be Select, Brick, and Forefront.

Also on the acceptable, promising list for early varieties would be Sabin, Traverse, and Barlow. Any of these varieties will do a good job and mature early. If we get going in the next week you may also consider planting Faller, Albany, Prosper, Advance, Breaker or WB-Digger. These are longer maturing varieties and do the best when we have an early spring and does not get extremely hot in July. The past three years these varieties have looked extremely good but may be different this year if we have a late spring.