LETTER: Parents can keep children home during bad weather

Farm Forum

During the last two weeks or so, I have read and listened to many comments from parents, school administrators and others concerning calling off school related to our weather conditions. Even the American News editorial board chimed in concerning the topic.

A thought does come to mind, though. My husband and I are the parents of our children. We gave birth to them, fed them, clothed them, provided for them and, yes, until they were 18, provided a certain amount of safety measures for them. This would include driving them to school on horrible weather days. As their parents, it was our responsibility to make sure they got there safely, and then got them home safely.

My point being, that because we are their parents, we make the healthiest decisions possible for them in all situations, at all times, knowing that someone else may not see our decision as healthy or best. If as the parent, I decide that the weather is so bad that it might not be safe for me to take my child to school, I can call school and tell them that exact thing. “I am not bringing Susie/Johnny to school today, because I feel the weather is too dangerous for us to travel.” You are making a healthy decision for your child at that time, knowing that there could be repercussions if you abuse that decision.

Cathy Jacobson