LETTER: Parents responsible for obscene bumper stickers

Farm Forum

I wanted to discuss the article April 18 about the obscene window stickers. I am the person who wrote to the newspaper in regards to the concerns about the stickers. I feel that the story took a direction that I never intended. While Scott Feldman, reporter, and I discussed the article, I let him know that my major concerns were that this was happening at an elementary school and that children were able to see and read the window stickers, not that Aberdeen school district allowed it to occur.

I have worked with children and adolescents for 17 years and have seen the effects of highly sexualized behaviors in children and teens and I personally contribute much of the behaviors to a system and society that sees, condones, and promotes women as sexual objects and sex and sexual comments and acts as a form of entertainment that is no longer hidden from the view of our children. What we are seeing now is bumper stickers that blatantly display things such as “Show me your —-“.

I also feel that Aberdeen Public School District does an amazing job with their students and understand that they have no responsibility for the parents who wish to drive to the school and pick up their children. My point was “The parents are responsible.” The school just happens to be a gathering point for the children and their parents.

I feel we are all responsible for the children in our community and that while this parent may be a model parent and have a fantastic relationship with his children, I do question the judgment used in displaying this type of message. I know that I personally would not appreciate a young man pulling up to pick up my daughter, granddaughter, or niece with a window sticker saying “show me your —-” or requesting some other type of sexual act.

Lynne McCafferty