Reader Panel: Rating winter response

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Today’s question: How would you rate local and/or state response to the long winter? What more could have been done?

I don’t enjoy cleaning my sidewalk before and after the plows are done, I stay away and not do the curb, especially this time of the year. This happened three times. I do not have a boulevard, only street then sidewalk. Need better notice on when they are plowing.

Dorothy Graves


Wimps down south who think it’s tough should be up North where it’s really rough. Robins are diggin’ deep under snow with eyes wide open wonderin’ “where’d they go”? We prayed for moisture in whatever form, so have to eat crow and welcome the storm!

Bill Fuhrman


The fact that the North Pole is moving south has escaped the news. I am looking forward to our two months of summer. Everyone has done fine considering the endless cycle of global warming (where are you now Al Gore?).

Keith Petersen


I would rate Aberdeen a very lucky city. Houses in Sioux Falls had trees on roofs, trees down in the yards, trees taking down new porch and railing. My brother was without heat for three whole days. I say Aberdeen did well with the roads, with the schools and business cancellations.

Sister Madonna Pierret


On a grade scale, Aberdeen school closing gets a D-, streets an A, business a B.

Ryan Roehr


It has been a long hard winter for me and I am sure many out there. I think towns in the region have done well in dealing with the various storms and bad road conditions.

Bernie Webb


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