Our Voice: Sick of winter, but it could be much worse

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Winter 2?


Reverse seasons?

Whatever you call it, the late-April snowfall and corresponding “winter weather” advisories and hazards have us all on edge, and we’re getting a little punchy.

Here in northeast South Dakota, we’ve been spared — knock on wood — from the brunt of the beast. Yes, we’ve had amazing snowfall and all the irritations that go with it. There were some slick roads, some power outages and inconveniences, but nothing we haven’t dealt with before — though usually in January.

Our friends and neighbors to the south, however, haven’t been so fortunate. Sioux Falls residents, for instance, are shaking off significant problems: a massive power outage, terrible driving conditions and dangerous ice.

City public works director Robin Bobzien likely gave voice to the frustration we’re all feeling when he told the Aberdeen City Council last week that dealing with this weather is “a whole different animal.”

It’s a fragile balance right now. Our city streets, full of potholes from winter damage, cannot be patched at this time. But the continuing snow/melt/snow conditions are making things worse. Even our joke “fifth season” — construction — will be thrown for a loop.

And who wants the city to salt or sand slick streets in the morning, when the pattern has been wet streets after the sun has come up in the afternoon?

Our local government has been doing a very good job making April as tolerable as can be expected at this point.

Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about the weather but talk about it or, in this case, complain about it. But it affects everything we do. On the plus side, farmers have to be thinking this snow could turn out great for them.

Here’s one more fact to chew on.

But if you don’t care to be depressed even further, stop reading now.

It is only 241 days until “winter” begins again.

You’ve been warned.

— American News editorial board