Letter: New attitudes about barriers

Farm Forum

I truly appreciated the article April 19 about the barriers that the handicapped face every day.

I would take the clearing of the snow one step further. As a handicapped person who has a lift on the passenger side of the van, it is impossible for me to park in many handicap spots because the sidewalk is cleared, but not the curb edge. I cannot put my lift down in a pile of snow. During the past two storms, this has happened to me. Is it truly that difficult to clear all the snow from the handicap parking area?

Also another pet peeve is the people that park in the striped zone in handicapped area. It is my understanding that this area is for accessibility for the handicapped. If a person parks in that area, that means I do not have the area to maneuver into the lift without possibly hitting the vehicle in that area.

Betty Beckler