From the Editor: ‘Tinkersons,’ Stone Soup’ newest additions to comics

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Two new comic strips join the American News beginning today.

Readers will enjoy the families of “Take It From the Tinkersons” and “Stone Soup” seven days a week.

Today, find them on 5B.

“Tinkersons” is a brand-new comic by Bill Bettwy. It premiered April 1 in about 50 newspapers around the country.

The family includes Ted and Tiff Tinkerson, a couple who stick together as they balance their home life in today’s unpredictable economy. Their brood includes moody tween daughter Tweetie and their naive young son, Tillman.

Bettwy’s strip catalogs the family’s dreams and aspirations and the day-to-day real life that keeps them grounded.

Jan Eliot’s “Stone Soup” is read in hundreds of newspapers around the country each day. Lots of readers might see their own lives mirrored in those panels.

Val Stone is a single mother of two young girls, Holly and Alix. Val’s sister, Joan, lives on the other side of the fence; their mom, Gramma, lives upstairs. Joan’s family includes her 2-year-old son, Max — and her new husband, Wally, and his daughter, Luci.

An assorted mix of friends, neighbors and blended and extended relatives keeps Val and her family (and dog, Biscuit) busy.

To make room for the Tinkersons and the Stones, we say goodbye to “For Better or For Worse.” The longtime comic by Lynn Johnston has been in repeats for nearly three years.

We are also dropping the Sunday “Andy Capp” strip, though that comic will continue Monday through Saturday.

Fans of those strips can see them each day at

Aberdeen’s best snow pile

Is there a more impressive snow mound in Aberdeen than the one in the lot at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church at the corner of Second Street and Sixth Avenue Southwest?

Maybe it’s because I drive by it twice a day, but it is the most fascinating natural wonder in my average day.

It is a monument of snow, ice, dirt and rock symbolizing our never-ending winter.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw two boys climbing it, the one higher up reaching down to pull up his comrade. Soon, they would be kings of the mountain.

It is so big that it might almost warrant placement on a map. Or, at least, significant geological survey.

It being late April and all, with the snow mound still massive, I wonder when it will ever truly disappear. Maybe it will make it all the way through May before being a puddle of memories of the winter that was?

I suppose we could play a game: Guess the end of the mound? We can see who comes the closest.

It will be one way to kill time waiting for the next snow pile to start.

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