‘Impromptu prom’ party joyous occasion

Farm Forum

On behalf of Patrick Dawn, his family wanted to write a note of thanks and acknowledge publicly all who assisted in our son’s prom party on Saturday evening, April 20.

As the American News reported, our son was hospitalized for a week at Sanford in Aberdeen following emergency stomach surgery. When it became known that he would have to miss Central High School’s prom, Tammy Gottman, activities director at Sanford, and Julie Stevenson, public relations manager, decided to hold an “impromptu prom” party for him at the hospital. We are thankful to them and to the other staff for this act of kindness. As reported, it succeeded beyond anything we would have thought.

We would very much like to thank those who contributed to this joyful occasion. Ken’s SuperFair Foods provided drinks; Brides N Bells donated Patrick’s tuxedo; Dawn Sahli, a professional photographer, kindly came to take pictures; Aberdeen Central High School sent decorations; the Boston Fern also donated decorations; and the Sanford Aberdeen Dining Services provided food.

On top of all these acts of generosity, we would like to thank the surgical and nursing staff of Sanford Aberdeen who provided Patrick and our family with exceptional care and every possible assistance during the past week.

To everyone involved, we were very moved by your many acts of kindness and are more grateful than words can describe.

David and Colleen Dawn