Letter: Candidate Ronayne wants to give back

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Since I announced my candidacy for Aberdeen City Council a couple of months ago, I have been asked by many friends and neighbors to explain why I am running.

I am a fourth generation Aberdonian. My great-grandfather settled in Aberdeen after immigrating from Ireland in the 1800s. Aberdeen has been a safe and nurturing hometown for my family for generations.

Like my brother and sisters, I graduated from Aberdeen Central High School. That education prepared me well for college at the University of South Dakota and later law school at the University of Virginia. After receiving my education, I returned to Aberdeen in 1985 with my wife, Liza, and entered the private practice of law with my father and Carlyle Richards.

I am now in my 28th year in the practice of law. Our three children each graduated from the Roncalli school system and are off to college themselves, scattered around the country. This has caused me to reflect upon the tremendous fortune we have enjoyed living and raising our kids in this community.

I am indebted to this community for the opportunities it has provided to me and my family over these many years. I have tried to do my part over the years by serving in various capacities on myriad church, civic and charitable organizations. I have been a soccer coach, a board member, a teacher and a mentor.

I would appreciate an additional opportunity to “give back” to the community by serving on the City Council. My long association with this community, my familiarity with its history and my desire to see this community continue to thrive will allow me to be an effective member of the City Council.

The election for the Aberdeen City Council is scheduled for June 4. However, early voting is available through the Brown County Auditor’s Office beginning Monday. I humbly ask for your vote.

Rob Ronayne