LETTER: Vote for Kraft

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I have known Jim Kraft through my husband for many years because they work together at Regal Beloit, Hub City Division. I know he is a man that finishes things that he has begun and he is not finished with helping the people in the northeast district of Aberdeen.

He is a blue-collar worker that is concerned with the people who live and work in Aberdeen, regardless of who they are. He is available to the people he serves, he is very approachable, and he listens. That is what the people of Aberdeen need, someone who will be there to help with issues or help people understand the reasons behind what is being done.

He has sought opinions from people by sending out a random survey every year for the five years he was on the City Council. Jim used his own finances to mail the survey out. He did not take the budget procedure lightly each year. Many hours were spent going over the numbers to use your money wisely.

Please vote for Jim Kraft, I wish I could on June 4. He will continue to make Aberdeen a good place to live. Early voting started May 20 at the Brown County Auditor’s Office.

Sheryl Jensen