Don’t change definition of marriage

Farm Forum

In recent weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments calling for change in the legal definition of marriage. Proponents of this change believe marriage between persons of the same gender should be recognized throughout the nation. The Supreme Court’s decision is pending.

Forty years ago, the Supreme Court also debated and ultimately legalized the abortion of unborn infants. In spite of this, millions of Americans have maintained that abortion is morally wrong and have stood in opposition against it. The legalization of any act cannot mandate personal support.

Since then, Christians have extended practical care and forgiveness to persons who aborted their children, for at the core of our faith in Christ is how he heals those who have made destructive choices.

In the same way, we are called to minister to persons held captive to any kind of sexual sin. We can demonstrate Christ’s love, forgiveness and deliverance to persons while at the same time not condoning their wrong choices. Jesus did this when he extended forgiveness to a woman caught in the sin of adultery when he intervened as people spoke of killing her, and when he then said to her “Neither do I condemn you. Go. From now on sin no more” (John 8:11). Jesus forgave and delivered, but he also called for a change in behavior.

In years to come, court decisions, good and bad, will be made. Court justices will come and go. Yet the truth of the Bible will not change, God’s power to forgive will not stop, and his desire to use his people to heal others will continue!

I pray the Supreme Court will not alter the legal definition of marriage. Nevertheless, I will continue to declare that true marriage is only between a man and a woman, and I will labor to see God’s power change hearts and transform any person.

Gary Wileman


The writer is pastor at Aberdeen First Assembly of God