Long time farm business management instructor being put out to pasture

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Roger DeRouchey, FBM Instructor, will be retiring from the South Dakota Center for Farm/Ranch Management Education at Mitchell Tech. He has been at MTI for 34 years and the last 25 as an FBM Instructor in the southeastern part of South Dakota. He would like to thank the great farm and ranch operations who have welcomed him into their farm/ranch business with the intent of improving the profitability and management of their business.

Let us go back to his roots as a young man growing up in Hoven where this all started. He would like to thank his parents, Richard and Lois DeRouchey, for providing him with the inspiration to follow your dreams and you will be successful in life. They provided him with the ideas and guidance that if you work hard you will get ahead in this world. Next, the Hoven School District and the Hoven community, for helping all of the young men and women, with the basic lifelong learning skills needed. Growing up in the smaller community makes one realize the pride that the people have in their smaller community.

Let’s skip ahead and thank a few of the teachers that have helped him and many others: Mr. Ernest Wingen, Hoven Vo-Ag Teacher, Mr. Roger Carlson and Mr. Clark Hansen, College Professors, Mr. Myron Sonne and Mr. Calvin Pietz, instructors at Mitchell Tech. You have probably heard of these educators as they all have been pillars in their profession of 40 years or more.

We also need to sincerely thank all of the farm/ranch families who have welcomed him into their office or kitchen table and ask him for help in some way or another. They are the true leaders of agriculture and we made a great team to help improve their operation in some way. He would like to thank Mitchell Technical Institute and all of the former students as we have helped each other.

Come June 17, he will start a new career as an Agricultural Loan Officer with Plains Commerce Bank in Mitchell. He will look forward to his new employer and the new challenges in our lives. It has been a great ride, the pastures are green and the grass is growing. Let us all hope for timely rains, so we all have enough nourishment in our lives to maintain.

This will be his last article and you may contact the S.D. Center for Farm/Ranch Management as Jared Hofer will be replacing him and you can reach Jared at 1-800-684-1969 or