Rating Aberdeen transportation

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Ride Line. This is an excellent city bus service. The only flaw in it is the need to call and make appointments one day in advance. Ride Line uses excellent vehicles. The drivers are courteous. They get me where I need to go, on time.

Shuttle to Summit Corner. This service allows me to connect with the Jefferson Lines buses, and from Summit Corner, I can go just about any place I need to. The only flaw in this service is that it only runs three days per week.

Taxis. There are two taxi companies in Aberdeen: Aberdeen Taxi and Aberdeen Shuttle and Taxi. I use both of them and am quite satisfied with their service and rates.

Airlines. I do not use the airlines or airport, so cannot comment on this service.

Passenger trains. The last passenger train we had in Aberdeen was the Empire Builder. That service ended in April 1969.

Some of us from this area are trying to get Amtrak to take over this route. Whether or not this will happen, I do not know. It will be an uphill climb all the way.

Except for the flaws mentioned above, the Aberdeen pubic transit system is in good operating order.

Ted Kneebone