Letter: Choose Alan Johnson

Farm Forum

Aberdeen’s City Council serves for five-year terms. It is important to study, vote and know the mission of our city leaders; “We will, for the betterment of the people, shape a future with a positive environment through stewardship and collaborative leadership.”

Aberdeen was very fortunate to have Tom Agnitsch serve us in the southwest area and Jeff Mitchell in the northeast area. The choices we have in the southwest election of Johnson (Alan) and Johnson (Davin) are outstanding.

Alan Johnson said he wants to see Aberdeen’s infrastructure remain strong. He said, “Taxpayers expect councilmen to be honest, accessible team players who research issues and find good solutions.” Alan Johnson has those qualities and understands what good government is all about; listening to people and using the best ideas to solve problems.

I have known Alan for many years and have made a decision to vote for Alan Johnson on June 4. Alan’s leadership, combined with engaged citizens, will help create a win-win for Aberdeen.

Carl Perry