Letter: Kraft will listen

Farm Forum

Northeast District voters need to know what a good worker they would have to represent their interests in Aberdeen when they vote for Jim Kraft.

I have been married to Jim for almost 39 years, and he takes all his jobs seriously. He has worked at Regal Beloit, Hub City Division, for 40 years. Jim put me through college so I could work at my dream job of educating young people at Roncalli for the past 32 years. He is a great father, providing for his two children, who are now young adults. We are very proud of them in what they have accomplished.

He always has been an advocate for people with disabilities. He has a sister with developmental disabilities because of a high fever, and his own daughter born with a birth defect was told she may never walk. He sacrificed for years to pay the hospital bills, but never complained. He just kept supporting his family and was there for every milestone. She not only can walk, but has married and has three healthy children. Our son is in criminal justice and has made us extremely proud in his compassion with those he works with in the juvenile detention center.

Jim took his job as a city councilman very seriously the five years he represented this area. He sent out a yearly survey to understand how people felt about upcoming issues. He missed very few meetings. However, being a councilman takes more time than just going to the meetings each week. He was available to his constituents. If someone had a problem he could help with, he would get information from the appropriate departments and try to help in a timely matter.

If you want someone to work for you, listen to you, and be committed to your well being; please elect Jim Kraft for Northeast councilman. Every vote counts (last year he lost by one vote). Vote June 4.

Rose M. Kraft