Letter: Support Alan Johnson

Farm Forum

We would like to endorse Alan M. Johnson as a candidate for the Aberdeen City Council. We have worked closely with Alan for the last six-and-a-half years, and have found him to be an intelligent, hardworking man of integrity. He is up-to-date, concerned about, and well-versed on the issues pertinent to this job. He has lived in Aberdeen for many years, has raised his family here, and knows firsthand the strengths and potential of this community.

Among Alan’s talents is his ability to identify needs and solve problems. He is also efficient and organized, reliable and energetic in causes and projects he undertakes. He is willing to consider all sides of an issue, and is considerate of the thoughts and opinions of others. He is an asset to his family, job and community.

Alan is an individual who cares about making Aberdeen a great place to live. We are confident he can be counted on to provide valuable input and an informed vote on municipal issues and legislation. We strongly urge you to vote for him on June 4.

John and Ruth Vassar