Corn stands looking good

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If you drive by most corn fields it looks like the stands are real good this year and for the most part they are. It is real easy to check on a corn stand on thirty inch rows. You just have to count the number of plants in 17.5 feet of row. The number in that length of row tells you thousands of plants per acre. If you have 36 inch rows thin it is to count plants in 14.5 feet of row. Just repeat this process a half dozen times around the field. Then take the average these numbers and you have a pretty good idea of plant stand in the field. But stand is not everything.

New research is also showing the need to have an even stand throughout the field. Work is now being done on measuring between plants and finding that if you can keep the plants evenly spaced you will have maximum yield. For example if you are having a final stand of 32,000 then you should have a plant every 6.5 inches and with a good stand should all be from 5.5 to 7.5 inches apart. If you have plant doubles or you have plants that vary a lot in spacing then you will have yield that is not consistent. If your fields are not even then you will need to check your planter before next year to get into better shape. With parts that are worn or misaligned this can make a big difference in plant spacing. Also if the seed tube has any obstruction that may keep the seed from flowing freely this will also have an effect. So check your stands now to help plan for next year.