Letter: GFP control

Farm Forum

There were some interesting comments made by some of the members of the Game, Fish and Parks Department about not wanting hunters to be allowed to use unplugged shotguns to help reduce the number of these local Canada geese.

One thing people need to understand about the GFP, is they want the revenue from selling hunting and fishing licenses, but they really do not want anyone to shoot or catch any of “their” wildlife or fish.

We currently have over three times the GFP goal population of these crop destroying pests, but yet the GFP wants to hinder the chances of the numbers of these geese ever being reduced.

All the articles in the South Dakota media about the GFP making efforts to reduce the numbers of these geese are nothing more than GFP lying to the public.

What needs to happen is for our state Legislature to pass a wildlife damage compensation to force the GFP to pay for the millions of dollars in crop damage these geese do every year.

The plugged gun issue has nothing to do with ethics or concern for wildlife, it is all about GFP control and reducing the chances of reducing the numbers of geese harvested.

Richard Meyer