Letter: Vet’s work appreciated

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Well over 25 years ago, the Aberdeen Area Humane Society began operating after a need was seen in our area.

At that time, it was started by Tammy Schanzenbach, a former employee of the Animal Health Clinic, and was also housed at the clinic. From the start, Dr. William Svensen of Animal Health Clinic, did routine vet checks, stool checks, distemper combo vaccinations for the protection of the animals and critical and supportive care at minimal charge to the shelter. Adoption fees paid to the shelter were used solely for routine care needs of the animals. All spays and neuters were done by Dr. Svensen at no charge as a free service to the community, to ensure that the animals would have the procedure done, thus eliminating the chance for more animals needing shelter. Rabies vaccinations were highly recommended to be done at the time the animal was spayed/neutered.

Through the years, Dr. Svensen has worked with the many changing faces at the shelter as well as board members. He worked with the board to always try to do what was best for the animals. A lot has changed through the years, but Dr. Svensen has always shown concern and dedication for the animals he cared for while working as the humane society veterinarian.

A big thank you, Doc Svensen. You really are appreciated!

Stacy Geffre, Dr. Robin O’Neill and the staff of Animal Health Clinic