PUBLIC VOICE: Uses for Dakota Midland

Farm Forum

With the current controversy over a new veterans home, why isn’t anyone looking at converting the old Dakota Midland Hospital into the next veterans home? It won’t require an increase in funding; and the building is just sitting empty.

There is paved parking, offices with computer hookups, air conditioning, several restaurants in the area as well as lodging and shopping. How many other communities can say that?

Of course, if that doesn’t fit current plans, the building could be rewired so the federal government could use it as a substation for storing records of phone calls, email, Internet access and more.

Perhaps the Boys and Girls club could take a quarter of the space, with such other programs as Senior Meals and Meals on Wheels also taking a quarter of the space. The present location of the Boys and Girls club could be storage for Aberdeen and Brown County. Again, no new building would be needed.

Think of the savings and the money coming in.

Al Engel