Aberdeen schools strong in tech

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This letter is in response to the comments made by Michael Holkesvik in the American News (Public Voice, June 9).

Mr. Holkesvik is a Central High School graduate. Mr. Holkesvik’s comments were very well-intended and encouraged the Aberdeen Public School District to keep moving forward in regards to implementation of technology concepts and classes. Speaking for the Aberdeen Public School District, we fully concur.

However, I do feel Mr. Holkesvik mislead readers into believing that Central High School does not offer a wide variety of computer technology classes. That could not be further from the truth. Beyond the required computer application class, CHS and the Hub Area Technical School offer classes entitled advanced computer applications, web page design, computer animation and design, computer programming, computer graphics, wireless technology, network/computer cabling, operating systems, computer hardware, and dozens of college-level computer classes through the Virtual High School or Northern State University and Presentation College as part of the Rising Scholars Program. Online courses in numerous other subject matters are available in abundance at Central High School.

There are a plethora of computer classes available at CHS and Hub Area for those students who choose to take them. I firmly believe Central High School empowers students to prepare for post-secondary challenges in a way that meets their individual needs.

Jason Uttermark

Principal, Aberdeen Central High School