LETTER: Remily’s letter incorrect

Farm Forum

I normally don’t read the letters to the editor page because they usually get me angry and it’s usually the same stuff regurgitated over by different writers. But Friday’s was a different kind of anger.

I want to know what councilman Mark Remily was thinking when he hit send on that letter attacking Rep. Dan Kaiser? First and foremost, he is incorrect. Rep. Kaiser added these amendments to the bill so it would go back to committee because he was unhappy with the version that came out of the Senate. Those amendments were removed by Kaiser when it got to committee. This was a political move to keep the bill, which he was an initial sponsor for, alive.

Secondly, you are a councilman, and nonpartisan elected official and you signed your name to this as a councilman. Is this the official opinion of the council, mayor and city? As a councilman and since Mr. Kaiser is a police officer, you’re essentially his boss, which makes those comments as a representative of the council inappropriate.

I am calling on you to publicly apologize to Rep. Kaiser, the council and to the city of Aberdeen for your incorrect statements.

Julie Weig