Letter: Alm is committed to learning

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I have been a friend and colleague of Duane Alm’s since 1977 when I first came to Aberdeen. I became the principal at Simmons and he took the reins for C.C. Lee. We worked closely over the years until we retired from the profession.

Duane’s dedication to the community prompted his desire to serve on the school board and he continues to pledge his support and vision for this district. He puts forth the time and energy to be involved and to be well-versed in all the issues.

He has served on state and national boards and is well-versed with the trends and policy to help shape the schools for today and tomorrow. He is knowledgeable about teaching and learning and continually supports policy to improve student achievement.

Duane is devoted to lifelong learning and will continue to devote his time and effort to stay in touch with our community and to provide a safe learning environment so all students can learn, grow and become successful citizens. Please join me in casting you vote for Duane Alm on July 16.

Luther Schumacher