American News editorial lacked logic

Farm Forum

Why would the American News editorial board decide to pontificate over the governor’s trip to Connecticut to get the gun industry to move to our state (Our Voice, June 20)? You say your feelings were mixed. So was your logic.

You stated that gun manufacturers were not feeling welcome in Connecticut because of the recent “massacre by gunfire” of those school children. You forgot to condemn the mother and school teacher of the boy who did the shooting. The child who was taught to shoot even though the mother knew he was extremely troubled.

Those guns used in the shooting were the instrument. They are inanimate, not the cause of the shooting. Why no statement about his closed psychological records which would have indicated he was troubled and should have been monitored?

Gun manufacturers under fire? You didn’t mention that those gun manufacturers now have an acceptable reason to leave a state with one of the highest tax structures and the largest costs of living anywhere.

Now the kicker: “But couting them, in a place still reeling from one of the most bloody, brutal, heartbreaking acts of violence we can remember, feels like trying to profit from tragedy.” Really? We obviously are trying to get those jobs, and if the governor didn’t make the trip you would have been the first to call him an idle governor.

You are trying to butter your bread on both sides, and not get your hands dirty.

Mark Holty