Letter: It’s time to meet the real Dan Kaiser

Farm Forum

The “real Dan Kaiser” supported House Bill 1199, which would have prohibited the sharing of your medical records. The “real Dan Kaiser” supported Senate Bill 91, which would have eliminated the contractor’s excise tax. The “real Dan Kaiser” supported SB159 to raise state funding for the general education fund.

The “real Dan Kaiser” supported SB158, which provides funding for children in residential treatment centers. The “real Dan Kaiser” supported House Concurrent Resolution 1006, which was just a petition to President Barack Obama to allow the Keystone XL pipeline construction to continue. The “real Dan Kaiser” voted against giving himself and the rest of the Legislature a pay raise in HB1212. The “real Dan Kaiser” supported every pro-Second Amendment bill in just about every way possible.

Most importantly, the “real Dan Kaiser” did not support the exclusionary language in the attempt to amend domestic laws as councilman Mark Remily alleged (Public Voice, June 21).

The original bill Kaiser supported because it had the distinction of an “intimate relationship” in it, which would have included the LGBT community. Once the bill was amended, he did everything in his power to stop the train wreck from becoming law (and succeeded), because the problem with the current law and amended bill is it applies to any roommate you may have had.

Maybe Remily should just stick to trying to fine contractors for kicking up too much dust at a construction site (yes, Remily supported this) instead of publicly and falsely attacking our elected officials that, in my opinion, have supported our values as proven above flawlessly.

Richard Hilgemann