FROM THE EDITOR: Some topics don’t make it to print

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Lots of letters come into the office, but not all of them are fit for Public Voice, often because they are unsigned or because they are not from local writers or on topics of local interest.

There might still be some valuable comments in those letters, so I will summarize a few of them here.

FREE PAPERS: An anonymous card-writer says, “I sure miss the free newspaper in Aberdeen. It had been around for years and never hurt the Aberdeen paper.”

In my three years here, I’m not sure I’ve heard of a free newspaper in this area.

The writer might be referring to the old Midland Shopper, which was delivered weekly to homes that did not subscribe to the American News. We discontinued that product more than a year ago to concentrate on other things.

COMICS: A letter came in with three clippings each of our newest comics, “Stone Soup” and “Take It From the Tinkersons.” The note attached — unsigned — said, “Wondering if you have actually read these new cartoons. . . . Please consider removing them.”

Not every comic will be to everyone’s taste, and even our favorites have a clunker strip now and again.

I have had only a little feedback to the new comics, and it is about what I’d expect: Some like them and some do not.

If we held up any of our comics to a group — “Blondie,” “Wizard of Id,” “Dilbert,” “Judge Parker” — I have a hunch opinions would be mixed on all those, too.

That’s why we publish 17 daily comics; our readers can surely find a few that appeal to them.

RAW MILK: Early last month, correspondent Bob Mercer wrote about the battle over raw milk in South Dakota.

Raw milk is milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized. The state Department of Agriculture proposed several rules regarding regulation of bottled raw milk for human consumption.

Many raw milk advocates are against regulation, some offering a “let the consumer choose” argument, while others say the processes pasteurized milk go through actually make the product worse.

The debate has not reached this part of the state, but that has not stopped advocates from sending letters.

“The South Dakota Department of Agriculture’s rules will drive the small dairy farms out of business due to unjust regulations on the premise that we individuals are not smart enough to know what is best for our own health,” one letter said. “Those who drink, enjoy, and treasure the pleasure of raw milk have the God-given right to make choices for ourselves without interference from others who are prejudge without facts (ignorant) regarding the safety and nutrition of raw milk.”

It’s an interesting debate, but one not quite right for this page — yet.

School board election letters

Speaking of letters, all election letters for the July 16 Aberdeen Public School board elections must be received in the American News office by July 11. The best way to get the letter to us is by email,, or the form on our site at

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